After *Title IX was passed in 1972, young women and girls were no longer afterthoughts in terms of receiving federal funding so that they could play and pursue the sports they loved while getting an education. Since then (well it wasn’t overnight,.. but you know what I mean) we’ve had tremendous success in growing women’s sports throughout not only our country, but the world.

However, when those same young girls and women turn pro and are no longer amateurs, discrimination seems to rear its ugly head again. …

Feed me

We know the Impetus

I’m hidin’ in plain sight

Lookin slight

I’m hearing truths

Taken them

In as lies

In my skin

I don’t cry

I just smile and

Get thin

Feed me

I stay quiet

The only thing

I’m eatin’ is my


I’m a guy

Thought thinking

Like this

Was for girls

Plus I’m black

We’re impervious

To mind disease

Man a lot’s changed

Since 03

Feed me

Five or six years

Of bliss

When it’s good you don’t

Stop to remember it

18 and I got freedom

No rules

Means new rules

Free food


Ryan Cooglers

Racism and prejudice in America. Not an easy subject to talk about. (understatement of the last two centuries) How do we end it? No easy answer. We know the question isn’t necessarily easy, but what if we are giving it too much credit? What if the answer was maybe just a bit more simple than we think? I know it’s not, but just walk with me for a bit. How can John Doe from Charlottesville see John Doe the Third from Akron and not have any implicit biases against him? How can Kyle Average Homeowner from Augusta Maine…

My Surprise Birthday Party

No balloons. No streamers. No cake. No rush to turn the lights on in a room full of my closest friends. Matter of fact, it wasn’t even my birthday; but it was. It was our birthday.

Thousands of pairs of boots, Vans, Stan Smiths, Chucks, Jordans and Air Force Ones stomping on the ground replaced scurried footsteps. Shouts of “No Justice, No Peace” filled in nicely for Happy Birthday. And the presents: well I’m sure they’re to come. Later on. As I walked across the street heading to my nearest grocery store amidst the warriors painted…

Thankful Grateful

Happy, thankful and grateful to be here

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